#KellyClarkson on her “give-a-shit” factor: I made a baby - what’d you do?? #charlotte #FirstConcertSinceBaby

Here’s an exclusive behind the scenes photo of before she takes the stage in .

Stalked her like crazy and we ended up getting to meet @kelly_clarkson!!! I’m so happy!! Thanks so much 😘


But Where are the silly ones though?! 😂

they didnt give us like any time to do anything.

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sorry for the lengthy post; i know most of you probably wont even bother reading the whole thing which i totally get. i hate reading long things too. but today was actually the best day of my life it was all i ever wanted… get it… im sorry, i mean i couldnt have asked for anything more. i got meet my idol. i made a hella fab new friend in line. and ofc got to see kelly sing. i died basically a million times over the past two days. everything is still so surreal. so in case anyone wanted to know how everything went i’ll give you a kinda quick description. 


got up at 3 am. started waiting in line at 5 am. was hella nervous and excited about sunday. won meet and greets, so did my mom and sister, so i died. i honestly was so surprised to hear my number get called during the raffle. i spent all day like “im gonna meet kelly clarkson. omgomgomg.” then cried for like a hour. oh and when we were waiting in front of the store they kept giving us a lot of free stuff so i was like hells yeah.


let’s just cut to the fun part which is basically half an hour before the concert. they were giving out prizes and we won an xbox which is cool; i mean i didnt really care bc i just wanted to see kelly but still its always super cool to win stuff. then as the concert starts im basically dying bc we’re in the front. kelly’s whole family was there which was great. river was basically in my sight the whole concert and omg she is the cutest thing in the whole entire world. she looked adorable with her little sparkly headphones on omg. and i literally died when brandon came up to river. his whole face just lit up with excitement and they were both just so happy to see each other. ikik i was creepin the whole time but like omg how cute. kelly ofc was being her adorable loser self and rambled the whole time and sang the hell out of every song. i died again when she started singing stay with me. bc hearing her voice on a sam smith song took me to church y’all it was so good. i was kinda mad at everyone in the audience though bc like this was such an intimate show and her first show since river. everyone just stood there looking bored with their phones out and not even singing along. ofc i just stood there singing at the top of my lungs and danced everyone just looked at me like i was crazy. whatever. at least i had more fun than they did. there was a group of the girls in the middle who kept dancing so kelly basically just gave her attention to them and me. i died… again, bc kelly waved at me (twice) then pointed at me bc i was the only other person on the right side of the park singing along. it was amazing. then we waited in line for the meet and greet. i had so many things to say to kelly and ofc said like none of them bc i was in like shock. but when it was my turn to meet her i was basically so scared i thought i was gonna either start crying or pee myself. she was so pretty like really most of the pictures she’s in dont do her justice plus her hair was actually really cute and like even though she’s short i was so intimidated. either way first thing she does is pull me into a hug and not gonna lie, best hug ever she was also really warm which was nice bc it was kinda cold and she smelled really good. after i pulled away she was all like “wow i loved that hug. youre a good hugger” then i was like “omg dont worry you are too” so that made her laugh then she recognized me from the concert and the camera guy just said “turn” so we could take the picture. someone already posted my picture so i dont have to lmao. so then after the picture i congratulated her on river and told her that river was the cutest thing and she said “oh my gosh i know right, she’s pretty freaking cool.” which made me happy. and i said “happy almost anniversary” and she was like “oh yeah, its coming up soon. its on the 20th, wait is tomorrow the 20th?” and i was like “yeah, did you already forget your own anniversary.” then she has this look of like oh crap. and ofc goes “shit”. then that was basically the whole meet and greet. i walked away then it just hit me that i met her and i started ballin. i mean it was only a few seconds to her or whatever but it meant the world to me. 

okok i promise im done now. but im seriously so happy. 

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isaac lahey or liam dunbar

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teacher: have you done your homework

me: have you pre ordered 1989

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'Welcome to New York' we ain't even out of the woods yet chill

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