Blake is royalty in our eyes.

August 16th   Detroit, Michigan

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taylorswift: “It’s really cool to know that someone from your family is always gonna be there watching to make sure that everything’s okay.”

Andrea Swift: “I see this massive audience that is so connected with her, and I see that relationship going on, you know, before my very eyes and I just… I fall in love with that audience because of what they’re giving her.”

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that blankfaced “don’t cry” face I get when I listen to All Too Well in public


The Lucky One dress

For this one, there’s not a lot of explaining I can do because making this dress existed of mainly a lot of experimenting and doing things over, but I’ll try.
I still had the top we made for the Stay Stay Stay outfit, so I used that one to go with this skirt (Taylor does the same thing, so why not).

The skirt was made of about 6 pieces of fabric, kind of shaped like pizza/cake slices without the top. So basically, it’s (part of) a circle skirt, which makes it look really flowy and allows you to play around with it which is a lottt of fun. I made the skirt shorter than Taylor’s because it’d be impossible to walk around in if it was as long as hers (I already take 5 minutes walking up the steps in this). The waistband was made of the same fabric and so was the bow. Behind the bow there’s a simple clasp. Would’t recommend using velcro, since the skirt is quite heavy.

I just got the gloves off eBay, these shouldn’t be too hard to find. For the  shorts, I bought these hotpants (warning: they are really short in the back!) and added A LOT of sequins to it. 170, to be exact.

So that’s it! You can always ask me anything :)

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