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when kids knead two colors of clay together and screw everything up


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Loser at school super extreme blogger by night


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Title: Zayn's reaction to the fungi joke
Artist: Zayn Malik
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Zayn’s reaction to the fungi joke, everybody

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Going to Mcdonald’s for a salad is like going to a prostitute for a hug.

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Ripleys believe it or nah

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I'll give you a hint I'm from the states. — Anonymous

i thought you were them but now youre you and they are them and im really confused mAYBE IM JUST GOING INSANE EITHER WAY HELP ME. 

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Anymore guesses in who I am? (The second anon) — Anonymous

i am really confused. i thought the first anon was from austrlia but now maybe you are or maybe nobody is. i literally have no idea which one of you is which at this point. im begging you tell me again your hint or whatever and then tell me youre the second anon im so sorry

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